Novick Consulting helps clients focus on getting & keeping more loyal customers now and into the future by evolving everything they do around the successful outcomes customers expect. 

Using techniques rooted in Agile, Scrum, Theory of Constraints and Lean, Novick Consulting helps its clients:

  1. Discover their customers’ expectations for successful outcomes

  2. Articulate a purpose and focus to meet those expectations

  3. Translate those expectations into Critical Successful Factors that impact the purpose

  4. Align people and processes to meet the Critical Success Factors

  5. Establish an action plan to implement and manage change

  6. Commit to continuous improvement in achieving more for their customers and their business

Novick Consulting works with all levels of the organization to assure that the agile, customer-centric approach is delivered across the business.  What’s more, Novick Consulting harvests the ideas inherent in its clients’ teams and motivates them to innovate on their own, assuring they own the future success they create.

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The reason we do what we do        

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